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Preventative Heartworm Testing & Pet Vaccinations

Trinity Animal Clinic in Trinity, Texas, offers a range of pet vaccinations to ensure your pet's optimal health. Dr. Amanda Allen also reccommends intestinal and heartworm testing for possible parasitic infestations.


Keep your pets in optimal health with our vaccination series. During the intial puppy visit, we will begin a 3 shot series and intestinal parasite test. We recommend stating vaccinations on puppies at 6 weeks of age and kittens at 9 weeks of age. Adult animals receive annual vaccinations and are also recommended to have intestinal parasite and heartworn test done.

Heartworm Testing

It’s best to start your pet's heartworm preventative regimen while they’re young with annual vaccinations and a full exam. Our heartworm test consists of drawing a small sample of blood and completing an in-house analysis. You’ll receive your results within 10 minutes. If it is negative, we then start your pet on a heartworm preventive medicine.

If results are positive, we discuss your pets treatment options. Heartworms lead to complications in the heart and lungs, eventually suffocating your pet. Severe infestations show up in the blood and urine, accompanied by a consistent cough. You can begin testing for heartworms at 6 months of age, and preventative is required every month or every 6 months if using Proheart6 for the rest of their life.


Over-the-Counter Products

We carry everything you need to properly care for your pets. We stock four types of heartworm preventives, as well as heartworm injections to cover intestinal health. Other products we carry include:

• Nexgard™ Chewable Preventative for
   Ticks & Fleas
• Revolution Topical for Heartworms, Fleas,
   Intestinal Worms, & Other Parasites (Available  for Felines only)
• Seresto™ Collar for Ticks & Fleas
   (Last 6 to 8 Months)

• Frontline™ Plus for Fleas (Best for
   Lactating Female Dogs)

• Heartgard™ Chewable for Heart Worms
• K9 Advantix for Fleas, Ticks, & Mosquitoes

• Advantage II for Fleas
• Advantage Multi for Heartworms & Fleas

Contact us in Trinity, Texas, to schedule your pet vaccinations and heartworm testing.